A Probabilistic Analysis of the Nxt Forging Algorithm


  • Serguei Popov University of Campinas




We discuss the forging algorithm of Nxt from a probabilistic point of view, and obtain explicit formulas and estimates for several important quantities, such as the probability that an account generates a block, the length of the longest sequence of consecutive blocks generated by one account, and the probability that one concurrent blockchain wins over an- other one. Also, we discuss some attack vectors related to splitting an account into many smaller ones. 

Author Biography

Serguei Popov, University of Campinas

Full professor at Department of Statistics, www.ime.unicamp.br


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Popov, S. (2016). A Probabilistic Analysis of the Nxt Forging Algorithm. Ledger, 1, 69–83. https://doi.org/10.5195/ledger.2016.46



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