Ledger is a 100% open-access journal, meaning that we do not charge individuals, libraries, or anyone else to view the articles we publish. That being said, even an electronic-only journal has costs, including staff, hosting, and associated fees.

We recognize that many of our authors are independent academics or industry professionals without the means to pay fees. Nevertheless it is also often the case that grants or other supporting organizations have funds specifically earmarked for the support of open-source publications, and so we have made it our policy to charge a negotiable one-time open-access publication fee of $1500 to institutionally-supported authors with available funding.

Because we are committed to the idea that financial reasons should never be a barrier to publication, we have a generous waiver program that allows authors without institutional backing or whose institutions cannot afford it to publish for free (see below).

   Private Individuals/No Backing   Institutional Backing 
 Fee   $1500  $1500
 Waiver   Automatic  Available As Needed
Total  $0  Up to $1500

We believe this fee structure is fair and strikes a balance between seeking the funds to operate in the unsual market space of free-to-read journals and ensuring that funding is not a barrier to publication for any of our authors. If there is ever any question about whether or not you, a potential author, can afford to publish with us, the answer will always be simple: yes.