Call for Papers (10th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems)

Call for Papers Digital Currencies, Digital Payments and Blockchain Applications Track10th Mediterranean Conference on Information Systems, 4-6 September 2016, Paphos, Cyprus ( The birth of digital currencies, such as Bitcoin, began as a renegade novelty a few years ago. However, nowadays it has drawn the attention of researchers and financial institutions worldwide. The popularity of digital currencies has grown immensely in the past few years, prompting a rising amount of research from academics to practitioners. The nature of crypto-currencies poses ever growing challenges and debates in relation to its structure for mining digital currencies, lower transaction costs, lack of legal framework, substantial price volatility and the debate of (un)certainty in privacy and security. Moreover, the technology behind digital currencies, namely blockchains, has grasped the attention of researchers and has been hailed as a major breakthrough, both in Information Technology and in Finance.  The track will feature research papers that focus on problems that cut across Digital Currencies, Digital Payment Systems, and Blockchain Applications, including, but not limited to: The Nature of Digital Currencies • Mining Crypto-currencies • Crypto-currency Exchange Markets • Financial Instruments/Markets with Digital Currencies • Regulatory Frameworks in Digital Monetary Systems • Types of Crypto-Currencies: inter-relation, competition and performance • Risk Management and Digital Currencies • Crypto-Currencies and Privacy / Security • Blockchain Applications: Smart Contracts, Fintech, Insurtech, etc. Submission Deadline: 22 May 2016 Track Chairs: George M. Giaglis, Athens University of Economics and BusinessSvetlana Sapuric, University of Nicosia