Coming Soon: Ledger News & Updates


Dear Ledger Subscribers,

Thank you so much for your continuing interest in Ledger and in the peer-reviewed research we provide to the cryptocurrency and blockchain research communities. You are the reason we’re still publishing after five years and why, only five years in, we’re already included in major indexes like Web of Science and (coming very soon) Scopus!

This note is to tell you that we will soon be changing the way we reach out to you, the reader, about new articles, calls for papers, and important developments at Ledger.

Next month we will be launching Ledger: News and Updates, an infrequent newsletter to replace notifications like these. It’s going to be more convenient, easier to manage, and nicer on the eyes. 

Because our journal’s software backbone is geared toward peer review more than reader outreach, we will be using MailChimp to manage the newsletter, which means different things for you depending on where you are in the world.

If you are not in the EU, then you are already subscribed and you do not need to do anything else. We sincerely hope you’ll enjoy our news and updates, but if you don’t, there will be a one-click unsubscribe link at the bottom. 

If you are in the EU, then you will need to actively subscribe to the newsletter by going to this link and entering your name and email address (that’s it!).  

Either way, we very much hope that you will stay connected with us, and from everyone here at Ledger, thank you for reading.


The Ledger Editorial Team

Christopher Wilmer, Managing Editor

Peter Rizun, Managing Editor

Richard Ford Burley, Deputy Managing Editor

Peter Nichol, Editor

Daniel Salmon, Editor

Jason Shim, Editor

Volker Skwarek, Editor

Konstantinos Stylianou, Editor