Call for Papers (special issue of the Metaphilosophy journal)


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The scope of Metaphilosophy is to consider a wide variety of philosophical approaches, schools, methods, and fields, and accordingly invites the broad philosophical investigation of topics related to blockchain technology. This Metaphilosophy special journal issue welcomes submissions of papers (4,000-5,000 words) addressing these and any other related topics:

  • Organizational models: hierarchical, decentralized, hybrid, complex adaptive systems
  • Inter-agent coordination systems, human-technology relations, algorithmic reality
  • Individual and society: digital social realities, social contracts, and rules of law
  • Blockchains and cognition, learning, artificial intelligence, automated memory
  • Parts-whole; global-local; atomism-holism; plurality-monolithicity; materialism-idealism; digital-physical realities; immune systems (porous-fixed); organicism
  • Intelligent agent reputation systems, consensus trust, network reality, system design, checks and balances, good-agent behavior; producing social reality; automation economy 
  • Blockchains and automation: smart contracts, Dapps, DAOs, DACs, DCOs, DASs
  • Blockchain-enabled technology entities: IoT, drones, robotics, cognitive enhancement 
  • Blockchains and mining: decentralized participative ecosystems, innovation 
  • Blockchain temporality: blocktime, programmable time, contingent time, futurity, historicity, virtual reality, cloud computing, temporal multiplicity 
  • Blockchain sociality: social good-social pathology; abundance-scarcity; transcendence-immanence; microaggression-recognition; forms of life, blockchain language grammars; virtue; happiness (hedonic-eudaimonic); personal utility functions, actualization 
  • Blockchain Aesthetics: digital morality, computational ethics modules; moral pluralism

Address for submissions (via e-mail or regular mail by October 1, 2016 to):

Metaphilosophy (John Wiley & Sons)

Department of Philosophy

Southern Connecticut State University

501 Crescent Street

New Haven, CT 06515, USA